Digital Marketing for EMS

Client: EMS
Date Completed: 2021
Scope: Social Media Management
Timeframe: 2 Months
About this Project: Creating and managing digital and social media platforms for EMS, including analysis, design, creating content and managing the platforms.

Client Description


The EMS is an events management system that allows event organizers to plan and manage physical, virtual and hybrid events. Based in Nairobi, the EMS provides: access management, contact database, event set up, event page, event schedule, speaker set up, online registration, auto invoicing, discounts, checking in, and metric tracking.

Project Description

When HT Media began operations with the EMS, the company only had their website. HT Media's team has built the social media platforms and worked with the EMS to growth the content and the presence of the software online. Using different content types and engaging audiences on multiple platforms, the EMS has grown as the preferred event management system in Kenya

Major Gains

  • Created social media platforms
  • Generated content for multiple platforms
  • Designed, set up and managed ads
  • Generated communities for social media
  • Developed digital strategy
  • Performed reviews and updates on account

Feedback from client

We have been working closely with HT Media for digital marketing of our product, the EMS. After about one year working with them, I can confidently say we should have started sooner. Their work has been phenomenal and instrumental in taking our social media pages from nonexistent to alive and thriving. Beryl and Juliet have been very welcoming and understanding in identifying the type

of content that best fits our product and delivering on it time and time again. I only look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.

Skills Executed

Design and Conceptual100%
Social Media Management100%